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Oyster Night

What’s a food film festival without some food! On Wednesday, April 18, @ 7pm, come to The Royal on Baker to learn of the importance of the humble oyster to our marine ecosystems and to celebrate the oyster with celebrity oyster man Brent Petkau. Following the screening of Shellshocked and a short film featuring Brent, a slideshow and talk by Brent will help open the floor to a 2buck-a-shuck oyster bar. Supporting the event is the Nelson Brewing Company who has paired their Blackheart Oatmeal Stout with Brent’s Cortes Island oysters. This is 19+ event.

Shellshocked – Saving Oysters to Save Ourselves

(40min, United States, 2011)

Follows efforts to prevent the extinction of wild oyster reefs, which keep our oceans healthy by filtering water and engineering ecosystems. Today, because of overfishing and pollution, wild oyster reefs have been declared ‘the most severely impacted marine habitat on Earth’ and no longer play a role in their ecosystems. Now scientists, government officials, artists and environmentalists are fighting to bring oysters back to the former oyster capital of the world – New York Harbor.

Features: Fabien Cousteau among others


The Perfect Oyster

(6min, Canada, 2010)

Tucked away in British Columbia’s Desolation Sound lives an oysterman totally committed to the cultivation of The Perfect Oyster. Brent Petkau defines this perfection in terms of the integrity of his mariculture, the umami, and of course, the eroticism of these lusty bits of nourishment. Brent has a love affair with his “Royal Courtesans” grounded on intimate knowledge, respect and pleasure. Enter the intertidal, suck a few back and join the oyster revolution. Produced and directed by Vancouver’s Craig Noble (Tableland).

Features: Brent Petkau (The Oysterman)

Show time: Wednesday, April 18, 2012, 7pm – The Royal on Baker, 330 Baker St., Nelson, B.C.

Cost: $10 @ the door ($2/oyster or $20 all-you-can-eat)
Recommended to get there early to secure a seat

Shellshocked Trailer:

The Perfect Oyster Trailer:

Brent Petkau (The Oyster Man)

“The process of searching for ‘The Perfect Oyster’, is my passion, my work, my life style, my vision of how we can all play out life’s comedy, with greater LOVE. To practice the simple act of CARING about what we eat, who we source the food from, and how we present the food to our lips…….. is how I like to define ‘THE OYSTER REVOLUTION’.” – Brent Petkau

Come out to meet Brent and learn about his passion for the oyster and its role in reshaping our relationship to food, to love and to life!

Brent will be offering his Cortes Island oysters for 2bucks-a-shuck. Grab a bottle of Blackheart Oatmeal Stout which the Nelson Brewing Company has paired with the oysters!


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