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Official 2013 Festival Poster


Smokin’ Fish

smokinfish_smlSmokin’ Fish
(82min, USA/Canada, 2011)

Cory Mann is a quirky Tlingit businessman hustling to make a dollar in Juneau Alaska. He gets hungry for smoked salmon, nostalgic for his childhood, and decides to spend a summer smoking fish at his family’s traditional fish camp. The unusual story of his life and the untold history of his people interweave with the process of preparing traditional food as he struggles to pay his bills, keep the IRS off his back, and keep his business afloat. presentedby_biboBy turns tragic, bizarre, or just plain ridiculous, Smokin’ Fish, tells the story of one man’s attempts to navigate the messy zone of collision between the modern world and an ancient culture.

Screening Location: Thursday, April 4, The Royal on Baker, 6:30pm doors (9:00pm screening). Part of Oyster and Perogy Night!

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The Mud and the Blood

MudandBlood_smlThe Mud and the Blood
(12min, USA, 2011)

Documenting the oyster from mud to table in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Featured is a family steeped in harvesting the locally famous Bulls Bay oyster. The film takes viewers to a traditional oyster roast where oysters are thrown into a burlap sack and cooked overtop a hardwood fire.

The Mud and the Blood is from Brooklyn’s George Motz – an Emmy award-winning freelance filmmaker and Director of Photography. In the spring of 2005 Motz completed Hamburger America, his second documentary film which he shot, produced, edited, and directed. Hamburger America was nominated in 2006 for a James Beard Foundation Award and won the Audience Choice Award at the 2009 Modesto Film Festival.presentedby_nbc

Also Featured:
Go Shuck Yourself (2min, United States, 2011) – A short how-to-shuck-an-oyster film from George Motz

Awards: Official Selections at the New York and Chicago Food Film Festivals


Screening Location: Thursday, April 4, The Royal on Baker, 6:30pm doors (7:30pm screening). Part of Oyster and Perogy Night!

More info and trailer on Films page


(19min, Canada, 2012)

From Winnipeg filmmaker Tammy Marlowe Johnson. Perogy! celebrates the survival of this Eastern European cultural staple which is alive and well in the West. presentedby_endlessharvestThe film visits Winnipeg’s Ukraninan community and shares their committed and sometimes quirky relationship with this important food. Perogy! is Tammy’s directorial debut.

Screening Location: Thursday, April 4, The Royal on Baker, 6:30pm doors (7:30pm screening). Part of Oyster and Perogy Night!

More info and trailer on Films page

Deconstructing Dinner (World Premiere) and Artisan Baker

DDwheatpostersmlDeconstructing Dinner: Bringing Home the Bread
(24min, Canada, 2013)

Worldwide theatrical premiere (and sneak peek!) of Bringing Home the Bread – one of six episodes for the forthcoming series set to air nationwide on ichannel this Summer. Written and hosted by Nelson’s very own Jon Steinman of Kootenay Co-op Radio’s Deconstructing Dinner (2006-2010). Alongside James Beard Award winning producer and former Kootenay resident Declan O’Driscoll (Milk War), this episode features chef John Sundstrom of Lark in Seattle – also a James Beard Award winner! A great line-up of Kootenay residents are also featured including Matt Lowe, Roy Lawrence, Jay Blackmore, Jesse Phillips and Natalka Podstawskj. This episode examines the little known yet significant nutrient declines being documented in wheat following the decades-long evolution of modern wheat varieties. Along with the loss of nutrients, so too has the flavour of wheat all but disappeared. But there are inspiring efforts in the U.S. and Canada which are successfully reversing this trend and bringing the bread back home!presentedby_bakeries

Music: Adham Shaikh (Slocan, BC)
Design and Animations: The Seed Studio (Nelson, BC)

Also featured as part of this screening will be a collection of webisodes which will comprise the online component of the Deconstructing Dinner project.

The Bread Lab: Washington State University in Mount Vernon, Washington is home to an innovative research centre which brings together breeders, farmers, millers and bakers to offer a more holistic and local approach to wheat breeding.
In the Kitchen (Wheat): Pasta with Chef John Sundstrom: An example of the many short instructional videos which will support the Deconstructing Dinner project. Learn the art of making fresh pasta with Chef John Sundstrom of Lark in Seattle.
Local Flour Mills: The infrastructure necessary to process food in its raw form is a key component to healthy local food systems. Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill in Burlington, Washington offers a great example of the role flour mills can play in a local economy.

Jon Steinman and Declan O’Driscoll will be in attendance for a post-screening discussion.

artisanbakerArtisan Baker
(8min, USA, 2012)

Weaving philosophy with his love of food, a third generation Italian artisan baker discusses crafting and consuming food made with love. Maurizio Negrini is a third generation Italian baker from Bologna, Italy, currently living and baking in Boulder, Colorado. From Boulder filmmaker Una Morera.

Screening Location: Friday, April 5, The Capitol Theatre, 6:30pm

More info and trailer on Films page

Hungry for Change

HFC-poster-WEBsml Hungry for Change
(89min, Australia, 2012)

From the creators of Food Matters, Hungry for Change exposes shocking secrets the diet, weight-loss and food industry don’t want you to know about; deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. Find out what’s keeping you from having the body and health you deserve and how to escape the diet trap forever.
presentedby_coopHungry For Change shows you how many of the ‘health foods’ we eat are keeping us locked in the dieting and bad health cycle and how by educating ourselves about what we eat and where it comes from, we can truly take control of our appearance, our health and ultimately, our life. The first film in its genre to really empower and provide practical and realistic solutions.

Screening Location: Friday, April 5, The Capitol Theatre, 8:00pm

More info and trailer on Films page

Sushi: The Global Catch

Sushi: The Global Catch
(75min, Australia/Japan/Poland/USA, 2011)

In this meticulously researched documentary, filmmaker Mark Hall traces the origins of sushi in Japan to its status today as a cuisine that has spawned a lucrative worldwide industry. This explosion in demand for sushi over the past 30 years has brought with it problems of its own, as fish stocks have steadily depleted, threatening the balance of the ocean’s ecosystems.

Through extensive interviews with prominent industry representatives and environmental activists, Hall carefully presents the various solutions being proposed to the vexing issue of overfishing. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2011 Seattle International Film Festival, Sushi: The Global Catch raises some pressing questions that all sushi lovers should seek to address

Screening Location: Saturday, April 6, Civic Theatre, 2:00pm

More info and trailer on Films page


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